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President's Message

Tim Benedict, CGCS

As we close out 2022 and look ahead to next year, it’s the perfect time to reflect about the past, the lessons learned and make adjustments for the future. Every year we say the same thing; this past year was a really tough summer! 2022 brought us many things from extremely hot weather with little rain, membership demands exceeding expectations, inflation affecting budgets and staffing becoming more challenging than ever. This will be my 20th year as a golf course superintendent and from my experience, this summer was one of the hardest in a long time. At the end of the day despite the challenges, I see that we all continue to adapt to improve ourselves and our golf courses.


Every year we take steps closer to achieving both short and long term goals we set for ourselves and the clubs we work for. Projects that were once dreams become reality and upgrades to ourselves and our working systems adapt and change over time. In this profession as golf course superintendents, we are constantly measured against ourselves and other clubs. The idea of keeping up with the neighbors has never been more important.

With that, we must look within ourselves to constantly evolve and push our limits. It’s important to always take time and remember that the little things make all the difference in the world. From proper preparation for daily tasks to strategic sit down thought about the big challenges, we as superintendents must always continuously evolve and make ourselves better. So much rides on our shoulders from our families to being the primary factors in our club’s success that we often lose sight of the big picture. Realizing that the big picture is made up of all the little things, it has never been more important to be present each and every day in this profession that we all take part in.


Through it all, it is truly a great thing to have something like the LIGCSA where you have a group of peers who truly comprehend what each and every one of us goes thru and offer a friendly ear and sound advice. This association we are part of is something special and unique as is each one of us who performs this job is as well; special and unique. No two of us are the same yet we are all tied together by our profession thru the great game of golf that we all serve. It’s funny to think how a sport that started by hitting rocks around a pasture with a walking stick could/would turn into this game of enormous international popularity that provides so many of us with a real livelihood…..but here we are!


Looking to the future, the LIGCSA is on the cusp of many great accomplishments. We look forward to completing the incorporation of our “new” LIGCSA and establishing our charitable foundation. Together, we are making a case for our water needs and working with engineering firms and the NYSDEC to create a more sustainable future. Our support of the NYSBMPs is another demonstration of the LIGCSA’s commitment to be a proactive leader of our industry. All of these initiatives as well as our regular social and educational opportunities continue to justify the importance of the LIGCSA.


It is my goal as President to continue and build on the great work of my predecessors and ensure that our LIGCSA keeps moving forward in a positive direction. I would like to thank our immediate Past-President, Joe Gardner, for his leadership and counsel throughout his time on the board. I would also like to acknowledge our current Board of Directors for all the time and effort they put in to make this association the success that it is. Our Executive Secretary,


Lyn Ritchie, continues to be the leader behind the scenes of the LIGCSA making sure that all the details are always accounted for. Without these individual’s commitments, our LIGCSA would most certainly not be the same.


Finally, I want to thank you all for being part of the LIGCSA. We are only as strong as our membership. From assistants and superintendents to our commercial members, the comradery I feel when we are together is something very special that I don’t think comes very easily these days. As we move into the new season, I am excited for this upcoming year and all the challenges it will bring. I look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events and I wish you all the success you strive for in a prosperous 2023.



Timothy J. Benedict, CGCS

LIGCSA - President







Past Presidents

1955-1960: William Sloan  •  1961: Frank Zukosky  •  1962-1968: James Manka  •  1969-1971:  Joseph Moisa

1972: Leo Lombardi  •  1973-1975: Melvin Lucas, Jr., CGCS  •  1976-1978: Joseph Brucia  •  1979-1981: Edward Fufaro

1982: Peter Bass  •  1982-1984: Richard McGuinness  •  1985: David Parsons  •  1986: Richard Struss, CGCS

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2003: Richard McGuinness  •  2004-2005: Steven M. Sweet  •  2006-2008: John D. Carlone, CGCS

2009-2010: Russ MacPhail  •  2011-2012: John J. Genovesi, CGCS  •  2013-2014: Craig Currier
2015-2017: Eric O'Neill


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