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President's Message

Joe Gardner

As we look toward the 2022 golf season and take some time for ourselves and families, I would like to wish you all health and success and I look forward to another year filled with fun events and laughs with our fellow LIGCSA members.


The past two seasons have been challenging and a bit overwhelming in many ways but let’s not dwell on that, however, look at the positives and use that energy to encourage our staff members and club officials to keep the “mojo” focused on how important golf has become at our facilities.  I’m not convinced the focus on golf will last forever but I do believe capitalizing on this opportunity could drive some of those things that get overlooked at you facility, big or small.


Embracing that positive energy will be ever-so important as we continue to deal with the ripple effect Covid has left on the world economy.  Budgeting and purchasing have always been a unique skill in our business and outside of labor increases, has been consistent for quite some time, now add in the current supply chain obstacles and fluctuating costs it becomes more than a full time job.  I have spent more time communicating with my membership in the past six months on these matters not only to inform them of the rising costs but to emphasize how vital our operation and personnel are to all aspects of the over-all membership experience.  I sometimes take for granted that members or even club officials understand what we do and over-look the responsibility of sharing the details of our operation and how important our people are within the operation.


Shifting gears a bit, I would like to acknowledge our current LIGCSA Board of Directors and our Executive Secretary, Lyn Ritchie.  I want to thank each of them for their continued efforts and dedication.  Due to their passion for our industry we continue to build a sustainable association that gives back to our membership, local communities and the golf industry.  I have been involved with the LIGCSA for the past 11 years and I am extremely proud that we continue to support university research, like minded associations locally and nationally, government relations as well as local charities and organizations in need.  I enjoy being a part of something bigger, giving back and building relationships that benefit all and collectively the LIGCSA continues to achieve that in many different ways.


The 2022 LIGCSA event schedule is filling up and I think most of us are looking forward to getting back to a more normal year.  Winter education has kicked off, golf and social events are right around the corner and our facilities will be humming again like winter never happened.  It’s difficult to sneak away during season and it never seems we have time for anything other than work and family but I encourage you to join us this year at our events, come out and have a few laughs, it’s important.


As I enter the final year as President of the LIGCSA I want to thank our membership for supporting the association’s endeavors and for trusting our leadership efforts to build a lasting association for all members.  I look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the season and trust that you will have success at your facility throughout the year.





Joe Gardner, GCS Fresh Meadow CC







Past Presidents

1955-1960: William Sloan  •  1961: Frank Zukosky  •  1962-1968: James Manka  •  1969-1971:  Joseph Moisa

1972: Leo Lombardi  •  1973-1975: Melvin Lucas, Jr., CGCS  •  1976-1978: Joseph Brucia  •  1979-1981: Edward Fufaro

1982: Peter Bass  •  1982-1984: Richard McGuinness  •  1985: David Parsons  •  1986: Richard Struss, CGCS

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2003: Richard McGuinness  •  2004-2005: Steven M. Sweet  •  2006-2008: John D. Carlone, CGCS

2009-2010: Russ MacPhail  •  2011-2012: John J. Genovesi, CGCS  •  2013-2014: Craig Currier
2015-2017: Eric O'Neill


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